Customer experience has been defined by the quality of all of a consumer’s encounters with a company’s products, services and brand. It is said that a strong customer experience has been shown to increase customers, sales & loyalty. However many businesses struggle to identify the best methods to achieve this great customer experience. Now lets talk about the digital customer experience?
That includes the experience someone has through their digital interface whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. Anytime someone takes out their phone and Google’s a local business, a divorce attorney or ice cream parlor, they are having a digital customer experience with that company.
It is very important to have a website, social media pages, blog posts etc. However, if that experience is a negative one for the prospective customer, they likely will leave your business immediately and may not ever return. For example: A study was conducted that found a ten- second wait for a website to load can make 50% of consumers give up and leave. It has even been found that when it takes 250 milliseconds longer to load websites begin losing traffic to competitors.
Now what happens if they get to your website, it loads quickly but it looks pretty basic or antiquated? That studies have found is just as bad as having a website that doesn’t load quickly. Companies such as Apple, Uber, AirBnb invest so heavily in their user interface (what you see) is because they understand the importance of having a visually pleasing website. It helps to show a prospective customer that you are a modern business that is up to date with the current times. Customers do not want to purchase from outdated businesses. Wouldn’t you rather the iphone 7 than the iphone 4?
Now that we know you need to have a visually appealing website that loads very quickly, what about your email address? Would your rather choose a financial adviser that has an email that looks like:

JSmith@aol.com or JohnSmith@SmithFinance.com. Over 50% of people choose the branded email address over Gmail, Aol, Hotmail and Yahoo. You probably wouldn’t think so, but 32% of solo attorneys do not have a branded email address and 7.5% of 2-9 person law firms use a web-based provider’s domain in their email address.
Your prospective customers have spoken and if you do not have a branded email address yet it is time to change. Every day that goes by that you are using gmail or hotmail.com you are losing out on potential new business.

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