My name is Jordan Adams. I’m a law firm marketing consultant; specifically, I specialize in lead generation for attorneys at law. My methods work for any professional services firm. No matter what professional service you offer, I can guarantee one thing: I make the phone ring.

I know law firms, and I know that law firms have specific needs that other businesses don’t have to worry about. My service is specialized toward law firms of all types, including family and divorce, personal injury, medical malpractice, and many many more.

Not too long ago, we started working with a family law practice in Utah. They were flustered and didn’t understand why their advertising efforts weren’t bringing them the leads they wanted.

They relied too much on referrals and weren’t taking advantage of warm leads. They got 10 good leads a month, if they were lucky, and were spending thousands a month on Adwords.

All they wanted was a steady stream of hot leads calling their phone. They were spending money and weren’t getting the results.

We then stepped in, completely revamped their Google Adwords and web campaigns, and let it run.

Within the first 7 days, their phone started ringing off the hook. They got 17 good leads for less than 1/3rd of their usual spend.

30 days later, they had 72 good leads. We multiplied their efforts by 700% and turned the business completely around.

How was I able to succeed where others failed?

● Targeting the hungriest, most eager audience. I get people who are itching to pick up the phone, and I put your business in front of them.
● A proper, high-converting landing page geared specifically to the prospect. They take one look at the landing page and realize that yes: your firm has exactly what they need.
● Proper call tracking and attribution to figure out what kinks are in your processes so that you can close more leads.

I will do all of this for you, and more, to help you get more sales.

Best of all, I’m offering a FREE consultation with legal marketing consultants to help get you started on the right track to getting more leads. It’ll be a quick Skype call with me, Jordan Adams, discussing exactly what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it.

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