Digital Marketing in a very oversimplified way is the promotion of products or services to a target audience via one or more forms of electronic media. These types of electronic media include, but are not limited to Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest), Search Engine Marketing, mobile phones, electronic billboards, television & radio channels. It is incredibly important for businesses/brands to engage with customers on a regular basis and digital marketing helps make that very possible.
The world is constantly changing and advertising and marketing methods 20+ years ago are not nearly as effective as they were in the past. Previously one would take out a full page Ad in the Yellow Pages to show how relevant they were and how great their business as doing by taking out a full page ad. Now if your business is solely relying on Yellow Pages or other print forms of advertisement, you are falling behind your competition.
Now a days with digital marketing it is becoming much easier for us digital marketers to get the right message in front of the right clientele exactly when they are interested in buying. The top 3 positions on the first page of Google receive 60% of the traffic. That means if you are not in those three positions, let alone the first page of Google it is very unlikely someone will even see your website or know your business exists.
Digital Marketers like myself have spent years understanding the “terms” that Google & Facebook want us to play by, to ensure that we are maximizing your digital marketing campaigns. All too often I receive a call from a prospective client inquiring about my services that says something like, “I’ve been doing Adwords on Google on my own for about 8 months now but I just haven’t got the results I thought I would.” The reason that’s the case is because they are spending on average 4x what it should cost to acquire a new client. By not trusting a professional, experienced digital marketing expert you are leaving yourself vulnerable to navigating the complex world of digital marketing and wasting a majority of your ad spend to only acquire 1 or 2 clients every month.
Digital Marketing is the future & digital marketing is here to stay! If you are like most people who have been slower to adapt to the new technology of this generation and are thinking: “I advertise in my local paper & that has done well for me and that is the only form of marketing I need to do,” well listen up! There is nothing wrong with advertising in your local newspaper or magazine, if it is working great, don’t’ change it! However if you think that advertising in the local paper is the only form of advertising you need to consistently grow your practice, you are mistaken. Majority of new clients are acquired through the internet as most people now have a tendency to “Google” any piece of information they are interested in and click to see the company right on their computer, smart phone or tablet. The ability to position yourself in front of your targeted customer is incredibly important and digital marketing allows you to do that. An expert digital marketer helps you do that without wasting all of your ad spend to acquire just 1 client!

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